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How to Break the Worry Habit

Oct 29, 2009, 1:30 PM

You do not need to be a victim of worry. Reduced to its simplest form, what is worry? It is simply an unhealthy and destructive mental habit. You were not born with it, you acquired it. And because you can change any habit and any acquired attitude, you can cast worry from your mind. Since aggressive direct action is essential in the elimination process, there is just one proper time to begin an effective attack on worry, and that is now.

So let's start breaking your worry habit at once.

Psychologists say that fear is the most disintegrating enemy of human personality, worry is the most subtle and destructive human diseases.

A physician tells us that thousands of people are ill because of pent-up anxiety. These sufferers have been unable to expel their anxieties which have turned inward on the personality, causing many forms of ill-health. The destructive quality of worry is indicated by the fact that the word itself is derived from an Anglo-Saxon word meaning "to choke". If someone were to put his fingers around your throat and press hard, cutting of the flow of vital power, it would be a dramatic demonstration of what you do to yourself by long-held and habitual worry.

Worry is sometimes caused by financial disaster, frustration, tension, apprehension, loneliness, grief, long-held ill will and habitual worry. I am going to spell them all out in numbers.

1. Self-confidence- I have once mentioned in one of my topics in this column that people will always perceive you the way you carry and see yourself. The more confidence you ooze out of yourself when around people, the more they would see you as a very confident person. When something tough comes on, know that it is not a hard nut to crack, but easy as ABC. That definitely saves you from the worry habit.

2. Keep busy-to avoid worriness, try to concentrate on something productive, something you can get the best out of. If you can only laugh or drum your fingertips on your table, keep doing that and you would realize that it takes your mind off a lot of things. Remember keep busy.

3. Eat slowly and feel the food - have you ever bought yourself an ice cream? If you haven’t, walk down the nearest ice cream shop and buy yourself one. You will realize that whenever you scoop some in your mouth, it makes you feel good. This time around, let it playfully linger on your tongue, savor the precious moment and swallow it slowly. Then boom you would be kissing worry goodbye. Try it because you deserve it.

4. Be moderate in all you do. Very true indeed. If you want to be an achiever, worry little, work hard and most importantly play as hard as you work.

5. Take pride in all you do. I have this story to tell funny as it is though, but during the students' week at the University of the Gambia, I took part in an exercise and I emerged last. Some of my girlfriends tried to make fun out of me, but I didn't mind. Guess what? I loved the exercise because I felt healthy. It really made me feel good and I took pride in it and I never worried about it anymore. So start taking pride in all you do even when you are seen as a failure.

6. Laugh a lot - Laugh a lot occasionally. Not always. Laugh like you got the world in your hands. It is also soul-reviving in its own way. Believe that.

7. Have a great deal of fun out of life. Don't let things bother and eat you up.

Try to take a walk at the beach alone and you will discover that that is not the end of life the moment you lay your eyes on its vastness.