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How to be humble

Sep 7, 2010, 2:12 PM

One of the most desired qualities for many people in a friend, mate or family member is humility.

Being humble is something that everyone has the ability to do.

However, some people do not practice the art of humility as regularly as others.

If you are one of the humility-challenged, here are a few steps to help you to become more humble.

Remember that humility is based on not being centered on the self. Rather, think of how someone else would react, respond or feel about some of the things you do.

One should avoid being aggressive to other people.

But be assertive because humility does not mean being a doormat as some people might believe.

Take care of your obligations and responsibilities in a timely and gracious manner, and prioritize what your obligations are, and what they aren't.

Search tirelessly for the truth and to be truthful to yourself and other people.

Refrain from gloating or bragging about accomplishments. Rather, when someone congratulates you, say thank you in a respectful and honest way.

Appreciate the accomplishments of others, and avoid jealousy or envy.  Know that nothing cultivates humility more than an understanding of the enormity of the universe.

Do not think being humble is being codependent, self-effacing or mousy.

Being humble is being honest about yourself and your faults and strengths, and not boasting or gloating about your achievements or successes to others.

Humility doesn't necessarily mean being selfless. If you forget yourself in matters, you could run the risk of becoming resentful and angry.

Remember humility starts with remembering, and considering your needs as well.