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Higher education ministry holds forum on framework for AQAB

Nov 8, 2013, 9:58 AM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

The Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, in collaboration with various stakeholders, on Wednesday convened a daylong consultative forum on the development of a draft framework for the establishment of the accreditation and quality assurance board, AQAB.

The forum, which brought various participants together, was organised by MOHERST.

Held at the Paradise Suites Hotel, the workshop aimed to provide the necessary information required for the establishment of the Accreditation and Quality Assurance Board (AQAB) through consultations.

The objective of the workshop was to study the existing quality assurance situation in Ghana and Senegal and the proposed situation for The Gambia and provide feedback, to review the establishment framework for the AQAB, as well as to propose a suitable governance and management structure for The Gambia.

Therefore, the participants would be required to achieve this objective through dialogue and documentary review and feedback specifically on proposing quality assurance situation for The Gambia, organogram for the proposed AQAB, and drafting framework for the establishment of the AQAB and the National Training Authority ACT 2002.

In his introductory and welcome remarks, Musa I. Touray, director of tertiary and higher education, MOHERST, expressed delight for being accorded the opportunity to make a statement in the consultative meeting on the establishment of the AQAB.

He recalled May 2003, when a study tour was conducted by MOHERST in Ghana and Senegal where the regularity structure was studied.

He said as a result of the best practices found in Ghana and Senegal, there was the need to replicate it in The Gambia.

The establishment of AQAB by government is now a concern nationally and internationally.

He then urged the participants to discuss seriously the issues surrounding the establishment of the AQAB.

He also said the specific objective of the study tour was to gain knowledge and experience of the structures and activities of the National Accreditation Board of Ghana and the higher education Quality Assurance Authority of Senegal.

He said that was to have an insight into the relationships between the NAB of Ghana and ANAG of Senegal and the key institution in their respective countries in the dispensation of their functions as well as to have an insight into the quality assurance mechanism of Senegal of selected institutions of higher learning in Ghana and Senegal.

In his official opening statement, the deputy permanent secretary of MOHERST, Madi Jatta advised the participants to look at the draft documents and add their inputs in terms of recommendations and suggestions in the interest of the AQAB.

He also buttressed the importance of the draft documents, saying the objective was to provide the required information for the establishment of AQAB.

The deputy permanent secretary lamented the key role the participants can play to contribute looking at the key institutions they represented.

The participants have a big role to play in the establishment of the AQAB, he said, while, challenging the participants for their effective participation in the forum.