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Heart Baby Needs Overseas Treatment

Sep 23, 2008, 6:26 AM | Article By: Malafie Badjie

A four-month-old baby has been diagnosed at the RVTH suffering from brady-Cardiac-52-60 6pm and a systolic murmur and was recommended for overseas treatment when he was 19 days old.

Muhammed Faal is son of Haddy Faal, a Gambian who is in tears due to the heart condition of her son.

According to Haddy, her husband's salary is too small to cure the boy.

She says, "My husband is a security worker," she said.

According to the report from FannHospital, "Muhamad suffers from moderate valvular Pulmonary Stenonsis with a 40 mmHg peak gradient. Ventricular function as normal."

RVTH outlined the problems, stating Bradycardia,

Congenital heart block, Congenital heart diseaseASD.

The report states: "This 19 day-old baby who was presented to our neonatal unit with a Staphylococcal kin infection on examination." It further states that it was noted he had brady-cardia 52-60 bpm and a systolic murmur. He was born normal and developed oils on his head at 6 days old.

"Little Muhammed weights 2.6kg, he is pink, not eyanosed P52-60bpm, RR 42 Grade111 systolic murmur, loudest upper left sternal edge.

No radiation, thrill no liver enlarged or respiratory distress. Femoral pulses are palpable and there is no other congenital abnormality," the medical report states. The chest X-ray shows cardiomegaly with enlarged right ventricle lung fields clear.

ECG is not available in The Gambia for neonates. ECO: ASD with mild mital prolapsed.

RVTH recommendation states: "This neonate needs further investigation (ECG and detailed echocardiogram) and management of congenital heart disease and needs assessment for peacemaker insertion, which is not available in The Gambia.

Haddy Faal, a Gambian, is on her knees begging President Jammeh and others who care for children to wipe their tears by helping little Mohamed. She can be reached on 9946607 or on this email: (amdyfaal@yahoo.com)