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Happy trade season

Dec 22, 2010, 11:18 AM

We are happy to receive the good news from the Agribusiness Services and Producers Association ( ASPA) that the 2010/ 11 Groundnut Marketing Season will start tomorrow, and that the official groundnut producer price is pegged at D8, 500 per metric tonne.

However, it is one thing to declare prices, but the most important thing is to ensure that farmers are paid on time when they deliver their groundnuts to the cooperative produce marketing societies or private traders and agents participating in groundnut buying at the primary seccos.

The danger in farmers not being paid their monies on the spot is that they may be compelled to sell their groundnuts to buyers in the neigbouring countries, which is not good for our economy.

The only way we can avoid such things is to buy the groundnut on time, and enable farmers to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

We have to understand that the entire livelihood of the average farmer is solely dependent on the annual trade season.

If it is bad, it will affect them and their families.

Let us device all necessary measures to make this year’s groundnut trade season a good one.

One way to do that is for us to learn lessons, by reflecting on last year’s trade season; and, if there were any shortcomings, improve on our performance, so that the 2010-2011 trade season will be declared a good one for Gambian farmers.