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Hakalang road, electricity plant to be commissioned in Niumi in weeks

Nov 21, 2019, 12:00 PM

Niumi, North Bank Region, 19th November 2019 - President Adama Barrow has unveiled to the people of Niumi in the North Bank Region that the all-important Hakalong road - the only highway that connects most of Upper Niumi to the rest of the region will be launched in a few  weeks time, alongside $66 million electricity project for the surrounding communities.

He revealed the news while on the first leg of his nationwide tour in the North Bank Region. The President highlighted the numerous development projects that his government is rolling out to the Gambians to improve lives and livelihoods.

In response to farmers at the various meeting grounds, President Barrow revealed that the government is about to sign a contract that will enable farmers to have access to fertilizer as early as April. He stated that the fertilizers will be made available at a government-subsidized price of D700, while the market price is D1700. That means that the state pays D1000 per bag.

In three years, he told the gathering, his government has constructed more than 400km of roads, compared to the 700km of roads built by the two past governments since independence. The recurrent message in all the communities the President visited was the need for Gambians to nurture the peace and security in the country as well as support his development agenda to deliver the Gambia that everyone deserves.

The cabinet ministers took turns to reveal to the people key intervention areas of the government.

In the area of education, the minister disclosed that the government has constructed more than one thousand classrooms, in addition to hundreds of staff quarters, and other incentives to  improve the quality of education.

To cater to the financial needs of women and increase access to credit facilities, the Minister for  Women revealed that the government has secured a EUR 3million contribution from the European Union, and a GMD12 million Gambia government-funded Women Empowerment  Fund project that will soon open applications for women to apply with little interest.