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Haiti appeal

Jan 19, 2010, 1:48 PM

We call on all those who have the means to one way or the other come to the assistance of our brothers and sisters in Haiti.

While we have seen countries like the United States, UK, Taiwan, Senegal, Netherlands and others offering relief aid and pledges to the victims a lot more is still needed to be done.

Though some relief organisations have also launched appeal for the victims, more support is needed to slowly get there, as it's very sad to see the devastating effects of the earthquake.

According to reports, the death toll is estimated at about two hundred thousand people, while countless others are being displaced. Most of these people are said to be children and women.

It's very sympathetic to see how these people are seen being dragged alive or dead from collapsed buildings because of the catastrophe.

Looking at the figures of the dead people and the displaced it's very important for the international community to come in full force and render humanitarian assistance to the people of Haiti. The United Nations has launched an appeal of $562 million to help three million people for at least a period of six months.

While we acknowledge the humanitarian efforts by some authorities in the Netherlands and US to help the orphaned children of Haiti for possible adoption, we emphasise that the Haitian authorities must ensure that any adoption to be done must be done in accordance with the international law, and in conformity with the laws of Haiti.

This is a welcome initiative and we call on all, especially the wealthy nations to support this move for the sake of humanity.

We also encourage our Haiti brothers and sisters to consider the offer made by the Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade, to give them a land in the West African nation.

Any support, no matter what would go a long way towards improving the living conditions of the victims.