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GYIN Gambia Chapter launches ‘I AM A GYINer’ in CRR

Jul 30, 2013, 11:23 AM | Article By: Abdou Rahman Sallah

The Global Youth Innovation Network Gambia chapter (GYIN Gambia chapter) launched its ‘I AM A GYINer’ campaign in Central River Region in Janjanbureh on 24 July 2013 at the Forestry camp.

The launching, which attracted forty youth leaders from CRR North and South, was supported by Rural Finance Project (RFP), an International Fund for Agricultural Development-funded project in The Gambia.

The regional launching of ‘I AM A GYINer’ campaign in the rural region is to give rural youth the opportunity to become members of GYIN Gambia chapter.

It would be recalled that the national launching of I AM A GYINer Campaign was held on 12 August 2012 in Serrekunda, which coincided with the International Youth Day.

“I am deeply honoured to officially launch I AM A GYINer campaign for rural youth in my region, which is in-line with government’s policies and opportunities to decentralize activities,” said CRR Governor Ganyie Touray.

According to him, the launching of the regional GYINer competition for rural youth was timely as it would give the youth the opportunity to participate in the competition.

Governor Touray told rural youth that the network aims to promote and support rural underserved youth in the area of agriculture and small-scale agri-business.

For his part, Lamin J.S. Fatajo, coordinator of RFP, who also doubles as GYIN Gambia chapter chairperson, said the network seeks to support women and youth in agribusiness, leadership and entrepreneurship through capacity enhancement, networking, coaching, mentoring, volunteering and service learning.

“The launching will give the rural youth the opportunity to become members of the network as well to become contestants to the competition,” said Fatajo.

RFP, which is an IFAD-funded project, is pleased to be associated with the launching of I AM A GYINer at regional level, he said, adding that RFP is to create an enabling microfinance environment for rural poverty reduction.

Mr Fatajo told his audience that GYIN Gambia chapter is actively involved in the designing of the Nema project which targets rural youth and women, adding that the network had appointed a member of the Steering Committee of the project representing young people.

Mamadou Edrisa Njie, national coordinator of GYIN Gambia chapter, said the launching of ‘I AM A GYINer’ campaign in the rural region would give the rural youth the opportunity to be part of GYIN Gambia’s  activities as “the network is here for all young people irrespective of your colour, tribe, religion, race, etc”.

He added: “This launching will also facilitate exchanges between the rural youth themselves and with others in the urban to serve as liaisons and advocates of rural youth entrepreneurship and employment.”

The campaign, he explained, has two competitions, a Cultural competition and a Socially Conscious Business competition for young people between the ages of 18 and 35 years old.

 The Best Cultural Product category seeks a service or product that exemplifies the country’s culture or locally available resources. Examples include traditional clothing or accessories, traditional music/dance, and traditional art.

The Best Socially Conscious Business seeks an existing business that exemplifies the belief that businesses should respect and enrich their communities and environments.

He recognised the efforts of Moses Abukari, IFAD Country Programme Manager for The Gambia, for “the tireless support and courage” he has been given to the network, and all their partners and collaborators.

At the end of the launching, GYIN Gambia chapter CRR region committee was elected.