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Gunjur Alkalo's Reported Sacking Found to be False

May 16, 2008, 7:22 AM | Article By: By Alieu Jabang

After several days of rumors that the Gunjur Alkalo was sacked, this paper went out and about to find out the truth of the case. 

Reacting to the rumour the Alkalo of Gunjur, Alhagie Sabaki Touray, said that the rumour of his sacking has been making rounds for almost two weeks but that he had never received any letter from anybody or authority to that effect, adding that the rumour is therefore false.  "I don't know for tomorrow but for today I am the Alkalo of this village," he asserted. 

Dodou Touray, son to the Alkalo, said that he was never aware of his father's sacking.  "It is nothing but false information to say that my father was fired and I stepped in his shoes as Alkalo of Gunjur." 

When contacted the Alkalo's Secretary, Alhagie Demba Baraka Touray alias Mbaraka,  also said that he had never been told that his boss was sacked from his position.  According to him, Alhagie Sabaki Touray was one of the longest serving Alkalos in the country.  He has served for about 33 years in this position and has been reputed for his loyalty, honesty, dedication, and hard work.  "We know them all who are involved in spreading these rumors.  They are trying to enrich themselves through the Alkaloship position, but God is never sleeping and they will die hunting this position and will never succeed," he fumed.