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GSIC President Calls for Forgiveness

Aug 25, 2009, 2:16 PM | Article By: Nfamara Jawneh

The President of the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council (GSIC), Imam Muhammad Lamin Touray has called on Muslims to forgive each other to enable them receive God's blessings in this holiest month of Ramadan.

The Islam council's President was speaking in an exclusive interview with this reporter yesterday morning at his office, located at GSIC Headquarters in Kanifing.

According to him, when two people do not talk to each other "God does not touch their files until they reconcile." He said though one must be on the right, they would not receive God's blessing if they do not compromise.

Imam Touray advised Muslims to make the best use of the holy month of Ramadan to strengthen their relations with each other. He emphasised the need for Muslims to resolve their differences and strive towards development.

"As Muslims, we should try and resolve our individual differences, problems and work together in unison for development. We should also learn to forgive each other," he stated.

Commenting on the month of Ramadan, GSIC's President reminded Muslims that fasting is a religious obligation, stressing that it is among the five pillars of Islam.

He stressed that "human beings are too small to disobey God when they refuse to fast."

The prominent Islamic scholar also revealed that the importance of Ramadan couldn't be over-emphasised.

"The holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) said that anyone who fast a day and night during this month, God will rub all his or her sins just as a newly born baby," Imam Touray revealed.

He further disclosed that there is a particular night in this month and that "worshiping only in that particular day is more than worshiping for one thousand months."

This, he said, is only found in the month of Ramadan and no other month.

"The reward for one Fardah (obligatory) worshiping is pegged at seventy, while that of Sunah is equivalent to a reward of an obligatory worship," he said.

He added: "During this month, even angels and fish in the river all pray for those who fast the month."

According to Imam Touray, the Holy Quran was also revealed in this blessed month of Ramadan.

He maintained that every matured person and healthy Muslim must fast this month, noting that "a day left deliberately during this month must be paid for 60 days".

The GSIC's boss urged Muslims to maintain the five daily prayers throughout the period.

"When you fast you should also avoid backbiting, betrayal, hypocrisy and telling lies, thus control all your organs from performing unislamic behaviours", he advised.

Imam Touray finally appealed to the business community to reduce the prices of their goods in the spirit of the holy month. He also urged them to desist from making too much noise, accompanied with singing and dancing while advertising their products.

"Parents should also encourage their matured children to also fast this month and stop playing music during the day, as this is not recommended," he concluded.