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Groundnut Season in good stead so far!

Jan 29, 2013, 10:16 AM

Since the commencement of the 2012/2013 groundnut marketing season on 3rd December 2012, it’s reported that the season is kicking well in many parts of the country.

Reports gathered by this paper from its regional correspondents and other sources stated that farmers in many parts of the country this time around did not experience the usual credit buying.

This is significant, because farmers should be paid upon delivery of their groundnuts to the cooperative societies or private traders and agents participating in groundnut buying at the primary seccos.

Reports suggested that this development was the result of the active participation of more buyers in the industry, all of whom offer good prices to the farmers.

While this development would no doubt motivate farmers to be more productive come next season, it is good to hear that in some communities buyers often visit them with raw cash to buy their produce on the spot.

Since the entire livelihood of the average farmer is solely dependent on the annual trade season, this will positively impact on their living conditions.

It may also not be advisable to sell all their quality seed nuts at the moment, but reserve some of the produce for the next cropping season.

We hope that the season would remain smooth almost in every part of the country in order to ensure a successful trade season.

Meanwhile, as the trade season progresses, we will continue to monitor the situation across the country.