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Greed a societal problem!

Feb 7, 2012, 2:08 PM

The issue of excessive desire by individuals in the country to get wealthy overnight is a cause for concern.

They try to do everything within their power to become rich, and even more wealthier day by day, to the detriment of the poor and disadvantaged Gambians.

Our society needs to get rid of the excessive desire to acquire or possess more, especially material wealth, more than one needs or deserves.

People who want to use all means just to enrich themselves, no matter what, should be exposed.

To really combat greed in our midst, there is absolute need for us to change our mindset about wealth.

One thing about wealth is that the more you have it, the tendency is for one to seek for more of it.

As a result, some along the way become so greedy that they take it their ultimate goal of becoming the most wealthy person in the country, or even in the world.

Greed makes people take acquiring money their ultimate mission in life, forgetting that God said he did not create human beings and jinns for nothing other than to worship him.

In fact, the wealth people try to make in this world would surely remain in this world; so one may wonder why the greed.

Greed should not force people to take what does not belong to them, and should not also be a habit in the first place.

Greed has caused more damage to relationships, within families and between friends.

Families are losing homes they lived in for years, due to greed.

Indeed, greed has been known to destroy friendships and cordial relationships.

We must emphasis that people must be content with what they have no matter how small it may be.