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GPA technicians urged to ensure routine maintenance of cargo machines

Mar 31, 2016, 10:48 AM

The chairman of the board of directors of the Gambia Ports Authority (GPA) has urged the operators and technicians of cargo handling equipment to ensure routine maintenance of the equipment for durability.

Chairman Mustapha Colley said the routine maintenance of the machines will enhance effective service delivery and make the operations “very easy and efficient”.

He also told the technicians and operators to handle the machine effectively as “they are very expensive”.

Speaking to The Point newspaper shortly after the commissioning of new cargo handling equipment at the GPA complex in Banjul, Chairman Colley called on the maintenance team to carry out routine preventative maintenance.

“When the machines are not maintenance because of the high pressure of the work, when they break down the cost of maintenance becomes even greater than stopping it for maintenance,” he said.

Chairman Colley also called on GPA management to provide the resources for such routine to be carried out.The right quality materials should also be made available for the maintenance work.

“When these things are done properly, the equipment can serve for longer time and will consequently bring more profit to the ports,” Colley said.

Ensa Wally, a shipping agent, thanked the management of GPA for procuring “this very important” cargo handling equipment.

“Shipping agents are the main users of cargo handling equipment, so we can say GPA procured this equipment for the shipping agents and the clearing agents,” he said.“With this sophisticated equipment, difficulties due to delay of vessels as a result of lack of equipment will now be history at the ports.”

Mr Wally hailed GPA management for the foresight in getting such equipment.

Alagie Babocarr Cole, maritime worker, said he has been working at the ports since 1970.

“In those days, we have been landing containers by our own hands but now with the commissioning of this handling equipment, the discharging of vessel will be enhanced,” he said.

He further commended the management of GPA “for their foresight” while urging them to keep up the momentum.