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Good roads are key to development

Apr 8, 2011, 1:37 PM

The  recent  signing of a loan agreement between the Government of The Gambia and the Abu Dhabi Fund of the United Arab Emirates for the financing of the Soma-Mandinaba  Road Project is indeed a good move taken by the government and its development partners.

Development of the infrastructure of a country tells very well about the development trend of a nation.

We strongly believe that the government should now start thinking of how best to lobby for more funds to construct roads that need urgent public attention.

 We know that the government, apart from the Soma-Mandinaba road is also embarking on the construction of other major roads in the country, but still more work should be done in the area of road construction.

If all the major roads are in good shape, it makes the movement of people easy and, besides,  it also contributes to economic growth and development of a country.

We would like to commend the government and people of the United Arab Emirates for their continued support and interest in the development of The Gambia.

It is one thing to sign an agreement, but the most fundamental task is to effectively implement  the project  to the expectations of the people.

We have to endeavour, for it is our collective responsibility, to take good care of our roads, for the purpose of sustainability.

The constructors for such projects should also make sure that they do a good job  in order for us to boast of  standard roads.