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Good Neighbourliness

Sep 13, 2011, 1:34 PM

Historically, people living together do a lot together as a result of which  they do care for the well-being of one another.

They wish one another good luck, and pray with a ‘clean heart’ for each others’ progress.

Everyone in the neighbourhood would wish to be loved, hence the need to use the tool to promote social cohesion among people.

We are advocating for good neighbourliness, since it’s a catalyst for unity and mutual understanding.

However, in our societies today, it is sad to say that some people are not living in peace among themselves, due to hatred, hard feelings, jealousy and envy etc.

Neighbours should be careful of issues such as land disputes, following each other’s wife, etc., as these could create long lasting antagonisms among them.

People have to realise the need for peaceful co existence and love, and to care for one another since it is only through this that we can work in unison.

Sadly, in our societies today, people hate each other so much so that they can go the extra mile to destroy each other’s progress or even kill each other.

Love must always be among people, as it would help build confidence and mutual trust among people.

Good neighbourliness cannot be achieved if those in the neighbourhood do not love one another.

What we find difficult to understand is why, in fact, people prefer to hate each other when love is the best thing they could have for each other.

One could imagine that people who live together will love each other, but if they  do not such people will never want to see each other’s progress.

In fact, the holy Qur’an has made it very clear that what one loves for himself one should also love for others.

Life without love is very empty.  Having love for others is the same as having love for oneself.