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GOOD MORNING MR. PRESIDENT: The security should be vigilant.

Dec 3, 2019, 12:05 PM

Mr. President, we welcome you back to the State House after completing your Meet the People’s Tour for almost 18 days.

Once again it’s important to remind Gambians that Mr. President was elected to the Office of the President on 2 December 2016, but he took the oaths on 19 January 2017. So today marks exactly three years since the IEC declared you as president of The Gambia. So we wish to congratulate you once more.

Regarding the tour, we hope that you must have heard the complaints and needs of Gambians and should start working on solutions as soon as possible.

Mr. President your government should tighten up the security of the country as we have entered December, the proposed month for the 3 Years Jotna protests.

Both the police and SIS should be alert to screen those who want to destabilise the country by using democracy as escape goat.

Now that there is division in the 3 Years Jotna and lots of different statements with WhatsApp audios being released, it’s the duty of the police and SIS to investigate and establish who the genuine ones are so as to avoid more problems.

Mr. President, history has taught us way back that we Gambians don’t have luck in protest and anytime we protest, it gets out of hands because trouble makers would join the bandwagon, causing killings, loot properties and goods and generally cause arson.

During April 10 and 11 2000 students’ demonstrations, 14 people were killed. On June 18, 2018, in Faraba Bantang, three people lost their lives with several wounded and properties destroyed. In July 23, 2019 in KMC, following the death of a Sierra Leonean businessman, Ousman Darboe, who was arrested and later released, protesters burnt the house of the boss of the Anti Crime Unit and vandalised the Bakoteh Police Station.

Mr. President, people have the civic right to demonstrate peacefully but not to engage in violence. Protesters should be very responsible and avoid any violence when protesting.

The security forces should be vigilant for the planned demonstrations in 16 December or 20 January and they should be aware of those who have hidden agenda to cause trouble in the country.

Gambians should also know that anyone or group forcing to oust a legitimate government commits treason. People should respect the laws of the land particularly the constitution which is supreme law of the country.

Mr. President, it’s still not too late to dialogue with 3 Years Jotna, politicians, religious leaders, human rights activists and journalists to see the way forward to nurture peace in our beloved country.

Finally Mr. President, there are lots of messages being circulated concerning communication monitoring mechanisms and we can’t establish its sources. It’s time your government issues press release to state their position on these many circulated messages especially on social media.

 Let’s all join hands and pray for peace and protect the peace and integrity of the nation so that your government can focus on the development of the nation since you have already promised to salvage The Gambia.

Good day