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GOOD MORNING MR. PRESIDENT: More vigilance is needed

Jan 13, 2020, 12:48 PM

Good Morning Mr. President, security personnel and government in particular should be more vigilant about state security.

We heard through social media over the weekend, former President Yahya Jammeh giving directives to APRC supporters and their executive members about their planned demonstration scheduled for Thursday, 16 January 2020, demanding his return.

Mr. President your predecessor failed to honour the asylum rules by involving in our domestic politics.

Knowing all he did in the country by looting state funds, killing and torturing innocent people or opponents, he must face justice and be punished severely. The Ghanaian government has contacted you for his immediate extradition but is yet to hear from you.

Giving permit to AFPRC on Thursday to demonstrate will not go well for the interest of peace and stability.

They should avoid confrontation with numerous victims who cannot forget or forgive what Jammeh did to them.

Mr. President, on Monday 20 January, there is also another planned demonstration by 3 Years Jotna asking you to step down; this could be treasonable.

Gambians should respect the constitution, anyone forcing you out of power should be charged with treason.

The security should protect lives and properties of individuals, financial institutions and markets.

No chance should be given to bad elements who might mix with genuine protesters.

Finally Mr. President, police should take measures against those driving without number plates or having tainted glasses.

Police should not also close the traffic for hours when you go out. People are bitterly complaining about that as well.

Good day!