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Good morning Mr President

Feb 23, 2017, 12:01 PM

Mr President, the people hereunder mention in this article will make you reflect and act.

Mr President, if anyone cares to remember the formation of the UDP party back in 1996, names like Alhaji Ibrahima Pesseh Njie, Lawyer Mariam Denton and Femy Peters will automatically come to mind. Where are these people within your government or special adviser circles?

Mr President if there are two persons that suffered horrible brutality in the hand of the ex-regime within the UDP party, we can name Lawyer Mariam Denton and politician Femy Peters amongst the first victims of opposition political activism.

Mr President all eyes are set and stuck in the April 2016 UDP victims, but the above-mentioned people took greater risks when Jammeh’s regime was little known or rejected as seen today by majority of Gambians.

Mr. President, the above-mentioned people might not ask for anything, but they deserve to be placed somewhere or appointed as Advisers, Commissions members, etc.

Mr President, for God’s sake never forget the above-mentioned people, they are part of the pioneers in the struggle who were brave enough to go face to face against INJUSTICE, organize political meetings and rallies and forgetting them amounts to Moral Injustice.

Today most of their colleagues that are very close to you might have forgotten to mention them for your attention, but I being a keen opposition political observer, I hereby remind Your Excellency to remember them.

As the saying goes in the Wolof language: “Koloreh Guinaw Lai Fetoh”

Have a good day, Mr. President.

Pa Njie Girigara