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G.MO: A Gem in Many Stones

May 22, 2009, 7:47 AM | Article By: Isatou Dumbuya

G.Mo was born in Dakar (SENEGAL) in January 1988. After a few months, he went to France with his mother and returned only eight years later to Dakar. G.Mo who as a child fell in love with Michael Jackson's music discovered his talent for rap when he joined Senegalese rap groups like PBS, Daara J, Pee Froiss and Yat Fu. As time went by he came to the Gambia where he often stayed and learned English. One of his cousins, Blackbird influenced him to another style of rap and that is the American rap. It is now all about groups like HOTBOYZ or 504 BOYZ of the "Southside" of the United States G.Mo was eventually introduced to. That fuelled his desire for the art the more. 
He describes us letter by letter the initials of his MC's name. "G" stands for Galsene (Senegal when you twist it) and Gambia. The letter refers to the Senegambian origins of the rapper. The "

"MO'' refers to the name of the artist which is Mohammed and reminds us the very holy prophet of Islam (SAW). It is thus a simple combination between the true name of the artist and his origins.
He started to write lyrics at the age of 16 and recorded his first track at the age of 17. The same year, he made his first radio show. His flow and his technique enabled him to collaborate with Senegalese artists like Nix, Fafadi and Gambian artists like MO HAWK (FUGITIVZ), Rugie, Junior king and the US beat maker THX (see SNOOP DOGG's "the blue carpet treatment" album). Today lingo.com/G.MO is the first rapper to offer his first album for free

After the first free album that came out in July 2007, "G.MO has now stormed the Senegambia region with his second debut "THE COME BACK"  AMA DIOP and BEUGZ production.
Speaking to this reporter in an exclusive interview, G.MO said that "GET DOWN" shows that Africa is quite potent in the world of Hip-Hop and It's full of young talents coming up. "We just need time to prove that we can do it in the world of music."

"What attracted me to G.MO was his seriousness in the field of music and his generosity when he gave out his first single for free," said his manager Amadou Diagne.