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GMC holds political rally in Sanchaba

Mar 29, 2011, 1:55 PM | Article By: Abdourahman Sallah

The Gambia Moral Congress (GMC) party on Sunday held a big  political rally in Touba Sanchaba  in West Coast Region. The rally was well attended by the people from Sukuta, Kerr  Sering and Touba Sanchaba. It was the first of its kind, since the formation of the GMC party in 2009, members said.

Speaking at the rally,  the youth mobilizer of the party, Muhamed Fatty, said that GMC  party has a clear focus on four key principles: good governance, elimination of corruption, poverty reduction and improve youth employment.

According to him, GMC is a party that has come to support and empower the Gambians, and is a party that is against tribalism, regionalism, nepotism, gender discrimination, among other social vices.

“We have come to join the political bandwagon in this country to unify the Gambian people. The leadership of GMC party seeks to bring about change,” he added.

He said that the party is for national unity, and is committed to defend the territorial integrity of The Gambia, the peace and stability based on genuine democratic principles, which GMC has assume the responsibility to promote.

He called on the people of Kerr Sering, Sukuta, Sanchaba and people of West Coast Region, in general, and all Gambians to rally behind the GMC leader, Mai Fatty, and GMC party.

The party, he went on, is a credible attempt to bring about change in the country that every Gambian will be proud of.

"The era has come to build a new Gambia where freedom of expression and freedom of speech, human dignity, economic prosperity, compassion and the rule law are enforceable, being the guiding principles of the GMC," he added.

Mr Fatty said GMC believes that no government should create conditions of fear in its citizens that will discourage them to join and support any political party of their choice.

"As patriotic Gambians, once you are 18 years old you have the right to a voter's card, and to be voted in for any political position," he said.

He said it is now the responsibility of that person to determine who should be the President or a leader to manage the affairs of the country.

GMC party is founded based on principles of human rights, because the leader of the party, Lawyer Mai Fatty, believes in human rights, which are the fundamental pillars for good governance, he declared.

He added that if Lawyer Mai Fatty is voted into office as President, The Gambia will experience a new dawn with changes in the administration of justice, human rights and application of the rule of law.

Sarjo Ceesay a youth activist, said that the party is the only party that can bring development to the doorsteps of every Gambian.

He called on the people of the West Coast Region, especially the youths, to tighten their belts and be ready for change, and to bring about  development in The Gambia.

Mamadou Jobarteh, the GMC Bakau youth mobilize, said every eligible citizen should acquire a voter's card during the next national voter registration exercise, because it is the only thing that could give one the power to determine who to become the leader of the country.