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GFF on the microscope

Dec 17, 2013, 9:45 AM | Article By: Abdou Salaam Jammeh Former GFA Deputy SGY

Declaration following the photo finish GFF elections for the leadership of the new Gambia Football Federation (GFF) in August 2013 that there would be no camp and that the new leadership would extend the olive branch will be tested after the appointments of key administrative positions, as well as the Standing Committees, who would run the affairs of the federation for the next four years, are finally completed.

Such a central message of friendship by the President of the GFF Mustapha Kebbeh resonates well with the wider community and the right step in the long journey to greater recognition of the new way of doing things.

Cherry picking volunteers and staff without due consideration to their qualification and experience and above all their commitment to the game, which requires time and effort, could derail the progress so far registered.

Football, like business enterprise, requires a 24-hour service and there are people with positive values around who are ready and capable to contribute to the holistic and total development of football, and urgent steps must be taken to explore their knowledge and experience for the greater good of football.

The football volunteers have an adult understanding of the game and they can steer our ship of progress in the dark and dangerous waters of the Atlantic.

It would be wise and a positive first step for you to demonstrate a new and an absolute commitment to your red carpet victory statement at a famous Gambia hotel five months ago and for you to give this piece a greater urgency.

Football’s life mission is to bring people closer in a competitive and tranquil environment and football today requires better management as a national concern.

We have to do everything to keep the bad guys from football and the new GFF executive have a tremendous responsibility to keep our game safer.

Shaping our football is not an easy undertaking and every effort will be anticipated to ensure greater transparency in a robust and healthy economic environment.

Our game today does not need emergence managers neither roadside vendors but genuine individuals who recognize and appreciate the limited and meagre resources of the government and the private sector and for them to limit their international commitments considering the fact that football is not the only sport that requires government and the private sector intervention.

Registration and engagement of more than three national teams in the international competitions is economic stupidity given the near bankruptcy status of the Gambia Football Federation and the stressful global economic environment which has a corresponding effect on the economy of the country.

Soccer is a round-the-clock business and you don’t have to be a development economist to know that the world has changed financially and the GFF leadership should spend the meagre resources responsibly.

Your first and immediate task is to apply austerity measures to revive the ailing economy of the federation by cutting spending and taking much care of the mounting and serious debt.

We can move beyond this in a reasonable manner if you are ready to put your no camp microphone declaration and your profoundly and thought-provoking opening statement for the betterment of football in The Gambia.

The continued silence of the GFF in bringing the family together would be considered a distant dream or better still living in the fool’s paradise.

Chickens would come to roast but Santa would not be around this Christmas. Whatever the case you have a peaceful and a smashing Christmas.