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GCCI holds Pre-Ramadan Sunday Market

Jun 25, 2014, 10:17 AM | Article By: Halimatou Ceesay

The Gambia Chambers of Commerce and Industry, GCCI, in collaboration with GIEPA held a “Pre-Ramadan Sunday Market” on Sunday 22 June, which brought buyers and sellers together at the Cooperatives area near Westfield Junction.

Briefing the media on the Sunday Market initiative, Beatrice Prom, manager corporate services at GCCI, said as people prepare for Ramadan, the market day was organised so that people could start stocking up for the Ramadan.

She added that the participants are happy, and asked if the market day could be held every Sunday, during the Ramadan.

She announced that sellers at the GCCI Sunday Market are offering up to 50% discount on their goods, compared to the tendency during the Ramadan, when businesspeople tend to increase prices. Participants in the Sunday Market have agreed to stick to the same price during the Ramadan, Ms Prom announced.

Sarata Conateh, the GCCI manager business development, said the Sunday Market creates opportunities for small enterprises to get a chance to showcase, and also to have an outlet for sales.

Before the Ramadan starts, all households want to stock up as much food items as possible, at affordable prices.

She said they are targeting the micro and medium enterprises to create a market for them, so that people would know what they are doing and the quality of their goods, which are made in The Gambia.

The Sunday Market is open to everyone, and participants pay D100 to register, while sellers who use the erected tents pay D250.

The main aim of the Sunday Market is to link the seller and buyer, according to the GCCI official.