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Gamcel hands over compound to winner of ‘Kerr Gui Yaay Borom’

Sep 21, 2012, 10:29 AM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

Gamcel, the national GSM operator, yesterday presented the keys to the winner of the compound of the ‘Kerr Gui Yaay Borom’ promotion, Bangarly Cham, a native of Alunghari village in the Upper River Region, at the colourful ceremony held at the compound in Brufut.

Basiru Darboe, director of Customer Service at Gamcel, speaking at the ceremony, described the gathering as another milestone for Gamcel, adding that in the 11 years of its existence, Gamcel cannot count the number of times it has graced this kind of occasion.

He stated that they are all happy and elated for Bangarly Cham, who is a Gamcel customer, noting that all Gamcel customers contributed to Bangaly’s winning the compound.

He said anybody who has bought a D100 scratch card has contributed to Mr. Cham’s winning, noting that Bangarly’s story is a one that has enlightened every human being.

“Bangarly had an opportunity to travel, but because of his sick mother he decided to stay to take care of the sick mother,” he said, adding that his reward today was the compound he won.

“He needed not to go to Spain, America or Europe,” Darboe said, adding further that he (Bangaly) has got his dreams fulfilled.

He encouraged everyone to emulate the winner, noting that this was a good example.

Gamcel, he went on, is Gambian and belongs to the nation, noting that for “every scratch card you buy. you are paying someone’s school fees, building a mosque or church, or helping a needy person.”

He called on all to come together and help Gamcel.

Sulayman Suso, deputy Managing Director Gamtel/Gamcel, said this was not the only such occasion Gamcel has done since its inception, noting that it is part of Gamcel’s social corporate responsibility to plough back to the society, and that this was what that they were doing.

“We are mandated to give part of our revenue back to the society,” Suso said, adding that it is their obligation, and that they are proud of all their customers.

In handing over the keys to the compound’s winner, Phoday Ceesay, General Manager of Gamcel, said if one person wins, it means everybody has won because one item can only be won by one person at a time.

“We have been sponsoring a lot of people who needed overseas treatment, students, agriculture, health, among other sectors,” he said, adding that all this would not have been possible without the support of President Yahya Jammeh.

Describing the winner as very lucky, Ceesay said winning such a magnificent compound is everybody’s dream, noting that there are a lot more prices to be won.

The winner, Bangarly Cham, called on all Gambians to join Gamcel because it is owned by the nation, noting that Gamcel has done a lot towards the development of the nation.

Gamcel promoter Ndey Sainabou Jeng also spoke at the occasion.