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Gamcel celebrates 10th anniversary

Jun 2, 2011, 2:48 PM

The Gambia Cellular Company (Gamcel) recently celebrated its ten years of service in the country.

The official celebration, which brought together senior government officials, top brass of Gamcel, customers, and cultural groups, was held at its head office in Kanifing.

In his welcoming address on the occasion, Foday Ceesay, managing director of Gamcel, thanked all those that attended the celebration.

He thanked all Gamcel customers for their wonderful contribution to the company’s continuing existence.

According to Mr Ceesay, Gamcel was established on 25 May 2001, which happens to be President Jammeh’s birthday. “We are here to give our customers what they want,” he said.

Yankuba Colley, Mayor of KMC, said his municipality would continue to support Gamcel.

Mayor Colley added that since its inception, Gamcel has contributed a lot in the development of the country.

“Since the coming of Gamcel ten years ago, everyone has seen the quality cellular service they have been delivering,” he added.

He said he is a politician with no business interest or connection but could however, from the point of view of an informed consumer, comfortably state that despite all the noise in the local advertising and marketing sub-sector, Gamcel has credibly earned itself the role of a pioneer and leading GSM service provider in The Gambia.

“We have seen the expansion network coverage by Gamcel over the past years underpinned by affordable rates, thus making communication much easier for all of us,” he said.

Gamcel senior marketing manager Ramou Nyass-Hydara said Gamcel belongs to The Gambia and “is here to stay”.

Mrs Hydara also said customer satisfaction is guaranteed by Gamcel, as the company has highly professional staff who are willing to respond to the needs of subscribers.

Gamcel’s senior sales manager Kebba Bojang said his company is contributing a lot in sectors such as education, agriculture and health.

In the marketable area, Mr Bojang noted, Gamcel has improved a lot in the telecommunication sector.

Gamcel is the national GSM Company and is out to provide quality communication, he says.