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Gambians urged to join GreenTech Environmental Solution

Sep 2, 2011, 1:38 PM | Article By: Abdoulie Nyockeh

The managing director of Zenith Bank Gambia Limited, Emeka Anyaegbuna and the minister of Forestry and the Environment, Jatto Sillah, have called on Gambians to change their attitude and adopt the usage of Green Tech Bio Fuel Briquettes with fuel-efficient stoves to save the country’s forests.

Speaking during a demonstration of the products, the managing director of GreenTech Environmental Solution, Anthony Tabbal, said GreenTech is a newly established company in The Gambia, dedicated to providing sustainable environmental solution to households, industries and institutions.

“Since July 2011 GreenTech has been producing high quality fuel briquettes from groundnut shells and promoting fuel efficient stoves for cooking and heating purposes in households, restaurants and industries,” he said. “As the combined briquettes stoves unit needs less fuel input than common cooking units, it reduces cooking costs, emissions and the exploitation of forests.”

He asserted that the briquettes are pressed by a heavy duty machine to produce 800kg-h.

Mr Tabbal added that the stoves are produced with recycled metal by local welder men, adding that briquettes and stoves are available on stock.

The managing director of GreenTech further revealed that over 250,000 euro was invested in his company. He added that since the inception of the company, he and his wife have been working closely with the Ministry of Forestry and the Environment to ensure the company becomes a reality “as the ultimate aim is to save our forest”.

It took them a two-year research to come up with the company, he said, while calling on all Gambia to use this latest technology “which is the cheapest way of saving our forest more economically”.

He also used the opportunity to commend the minster of Forestry and the Environment for his personal support in one way or the other ` in ensuring that the project yields fruit in the country.

He added that for more information, one can visit their website or join their weekly demonstration sessions at the plant every Wednesday 11.am in Kololi, Senegambia.

Also speaking at the occasion, the managing director of Zenith Bank Limited, Emeka Anyaegbuna, expressed delight about the latest technology introduced by Green Tech Environmental Solution.

He noted that the technology “is real and is the cheapest and fastest” way of cooking. “Even by looking at the flame, it doesn’t bring out flame that will burn your lungs; so it is better to use,” he said. “This latest technology will help in the preservation of our forest. It is fantastic.”

Mr Anyaegbuna said it is gratifying to know that The Gambia is the first country in West Africa to have this beautiful technology.

He also recommended that the hotels should use the technology, adding: “This is a wonderful innovation; it is cheaper and better to use.”

For his part, the Minister of Forestry and the Environment, Hon. Jatto Sillah, said determination and commitment is key to any productive society.

He thanked the managing director of GreenTech Environmental Solution and his wife for their  wonderful initiative, saying: “This technology will save our forest completely and saving our forest means saving lives, either to environmental disaster, climate change or other uses of forest that  are for medical purposes.

Hon. Sillah further expressed worries over the rapidity of environment degradation in the country. “It is not sustainable at all compared to population growth and population demand,” he remarked.  “Something must be done to arrest the situation,” he said.

He added that this is why the United Nations Security Council has given discussion on climate change a priority in its meetings.

He then called on Gambians to undertake more tree planting, “which is more profitable”.

GreenTech is welcoming representatives of institutions and interested individuals for a one-hour tour around its processing plant and sales point in Kololi, including a demonstration of briquette use in fuel efficient stoves, every Wednesday, 11am or on request. Please call 6662622, if you would like to join. For current updates and to join GreenTech’s Ecoclub or the Web-Forum, please visit the webpage www.greentechgambia.com or write an e-mail to info@greentechgambia.com.