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Gambian musician, Amie Dibba in town, ready to release second album

Dec 31, 2010, 12:16 PM

Amie Dibba, a Gambian musician based in the US, is in the country to release her second album as well as to promote her music.

The album, which is entitled, “Am I am”, contains 12 tracks. The Gambian musician during her stay has met with top Gambian artistes and promoters to discuss the way forward in developing Gambian music.

Speaking in an interview with Entertainment on Wednesday at The Point newsroom, the young female artiste said she started singing since she was six years old. “I was six years when I got involved in music during my schooling days,” Amie Dibba said, adding: “The album is basically a compilation of everything that is in me from the things I experience and the things people around me experience. I try to do a lot of combination with other Gambian artistes.” 

She says she intends to do more tracks. “I would like to do my best to include my other brothers and sisters in the music industry,” she said.

“I graduated from a college in the US where I was very much focussed on music. I want to go for marketing and communication, and I think I can use that strength from my education to apply those to my music.”

Amie also says she is proud of the way Gambian music is growing, adding that she has seen a lot of Gambian artistes with so much talents.

“It makes me happy because when I go back to America I know that a lot of Gambians and non-Gambians are listening to my music,” she said. ”When you look at music generally is not an easy thing; its needs a lot of work.

Amie Dibba also thanked the Gambian leader, President Yahya Jammeh, for the wonderful support he has been given her, which has greatly enhanced her music.

She also thanked Africell for sponsoring her album, as well as Lamin Manga for giving her a helping hand. She also thanked all Gambians for supporting her in one way or the other.