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Gambia Youth Actors Association to organize Youth Cultural Carnival

Mar 21, 2012, 12:09 PM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

The Gambia Youth Actors Association (GAMYAA) is putting all necessary things in place to stage a week-long Youth Cultural Carnival in the country.

The carnival is envisaged in the vision to promote and appreciate the diverse cultures of The Gambia among its youthful population.

Speaking during a press conference on Tuesday at the NCAC, Matty Jobe, president of The Gambia Youth Actors Association, said the purpose of organizing the event is to create the environment for cultural interaction that showcases the diverse cultures of different ethnic groups of The Gambia.

The foundation for national unity, peace and cohesion will be nurtured and strengthened, he said, adding that the youths will learn the different cultures of The Gambian society and will appreciate the value of cultural democracy and diversity.

The event will be based on competition among the youth groups of The Gambia with prizes to be awarded to all participants.

In this way, the participants will be motivated to conduct research into the cultural forms of the different ethnic groups of The Gambia and also give up their best in terms of performance presentation.

Madam Jobe revealed that it is expected that the event will include masquerades cultural dances, music and drama.

People in the communities with interest and knowledge in art culture will be invited to serve as the panel of judges for the competition.

March 27 is International Theatre Day, which will be celebrated in the form of a March-past starting from Alliance Franco to the traffic light.

Shiekh Omar Jallow, director of Literature and Performing Arts, said: “It is very important to celebrate such a thing in this country. This year’s International Theatre Day is the first time the council is celebrating it.”

He thanked the Ministry of Tourism and Culture as well as the NCAC for their support.