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Gambia to participate in Green Africa Tour

Mar 19, 2013, 10:52 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

Four Gambian women, among them artists, are expected to attend the upcoming 20th Anniversary of The Green Africa Tour conference in Carliafonia, United States of America.

The Green Africa Tour is a cultural exhibition, a conference and festival, with the aim of attracting investors in Africa.

According to the organisers, the tour would feature Gambians like Isha Fofana, Proprietor of Mama Africa Museum and Art Center in The Gambia, Ms. Haddy Njie of FAO, Mr. Oliver Mboge, President of Musicians Union of The Gambia (MUSIGAM), with prominent Gambian artists and Ms Awa Conateh, Manager of Yaws Fashion and Design Shop.

The tour will start on March 28, 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria, featuring Ms Awa Conateh, the Manager of Yaws Fashion and Design Shop and will pass through Central America, Europe, Brazil, Venezuela, Cuba and Jamaica.

The event will attract other special business development presentation events, cultural entertainment programme and tour Afro-pop Celebrity concert, traditional, African medley of dancers and performers, African classical ballet, African modern dance troupe, African painters/sculptors art tour, among others.

The purpose of the tour is to represent the development of a mature and direct supply chain of fair trade and organic products from Africa.

Speaking at a press conference recently held at the National Centre for Art and Culture in Fajara, Professor Darryl R.O Prevost, said the purpose of organising the press conference is to brief journalists about the upcoming Green Africa Tour.

Professor Darryl R.O Prevost told journalists that their intention is to facilitate the growth of “natural capitalism” vs. the commercialism and consumerism, as practised by Corporate Criminal Corporation.

According to him, currently only the middle class and wealthy in the United States can afford to purchase eR/sR products on a regular basis.

The eR/sR Market, he noted, is environmentally responsible and socially respectful and is principled to encourage non-toxicity, air trade, local benefit, sustainable harvesting and processing, and energy conservation.

According to him, these principles are to cover most operations surrounding a prospective “green” or eR/sR product and that they are the products and investment opportunities that the Green Africa Tour would be promoting.

“This tour is also designed to attract investors in Africa’s eR/sR capital improvement market,” he said.

He explained that the fulfillment of this equation for raw materials and finished products alike provide mutual benefits without the past stigma of exploitation and colonialist pretences.

‘The development of sales relationships with North American importers is one of the three central purposes to this tour and  advancing long-term purchasing agreements by demonstrating the competence, reliability and permanence of the Africanexport market is the marketing intent of this tour,” he said.