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Gambia To Host U-15 Cricket Championship

Jun 4, 2009, 8:25 AM

In their attempt to make The Gambia "a cricketing nation", the country has been availed the opportunity to host the first-ever West Africa U-15 female cricket championship, scheduled for October and November this year.

In a related development, the Gambia's senior cricket team will also embark on a trip to Malawi for ICC ranking competition, slated for October 2009.

This decision was made at the Annual General Meeting of the International Cricket Committee (ICC) and the African Cricket Association, held in South Africa.

Among the main concerned raised at the meeting was to see how cricket could be transformed into one of the most traditional games in Africa, and to involve more age group competition, starting from U-10 instead of U-13.

 As a result of this, there would be age group competition every year in the sub-region.

Johnny Gomez, the President of the Gambia Cricket Association, who has just returned from South Africa, told Pointsports that plans were in the offing to introduce a cricket team in Jambanjelly, in order to allow all cluster regions in the Western Region to have a cricket team.