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Gambia 'recognizes Libya Rebel Council'

Apr 26, 2011, 1:51 PM

The Government of the Gambia last Thursday said it has fully recognized the rebel Transitional National Council as the only legitimate body that represents the interest and affairs of the people of Libya.

In a statement read on GRTS late Thursday, the Gambia Government said it is "with immediate effect freezing and closing all assets held in The Gambia on behalf of or in the name of the Government of Colonel Maummar Gaddafi.

They include notably the Laico Atlantic Hotel formerly Atlantic Hotel, Jerma Beach Hotel and Dream Park."

The Government also ordered all staff of the Libyan Embassy in Banjul to leave the country within 72 hours.

"In light of this development, all staff of the Libyan Embassy representing the Gaddafi Government in the Gambia are hereby duly notified to leave The Gambia within 72 hours with effect from Friday 22nd April 2011," the statement said.

According to the statement, "this move is taken on account of the heinous atrocities that are being carried out by the Gaddafi regime against innocent citizens and which has seen to date, massive loss of lives and wanton destruction of properties in Libya."

"It also followed from the Government’s expressed position that was publicly conveyed at the start of the conflict in Libya calling on Colonel Gaddafi to step down as the only solution to ending the unrest and bringing peace, tranquility and stability in Libya," the statement added.

The announcement comes amid fierce fighting between forces loyal to Libyan leader Maummar Gaddafi and rebels who, according to media reports, have been seeking international recognition as well as material support from the West and the Arab world.

Hampered by their lack of firepower, equipment and training, the rebels, backed by NATO forces, have been unable to advance from eastern Libya but are fighting back and forth with Gaddafi’s troops.