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Gambia Commemorates World Meteorology Day

May 22, 2009, 7:20 AM | Article By: Sainey M.K. Marenah

The Weight and Measures Bureau of the Department of Trade, Industry and Employment in partnership with the West African Quality Programme on Wednesday convened at Paradise Suite Hotel in Kololi to join the rest of the world in commemorating World Meteorology Day which is observed on the 20th May of each year.

It is the first time The Gambia has commemorated this International Day.

Weight and Measures Bureau is a Gambia government Institution established in 1977. It regulates weights and measures in trade and commerce to safeguard the consumer.

Addressing the ceremony, the deputy permanent secretary of Trade, Industry, and employment, Sohna Sowe, who deputised for Hon Abdou Kolley, revealed that The Gambia is part of the globe thus joins with International community in celebrating World Meteorology Day. This reminds us that the science and practices of measurement, influences every one's daily life and supports free and fair trade.

DPS Sowe noted that, May 20th is designated world metrology day to celebrate the signing of the Metre Convention in France over 150 years ago, on May 20th, 1875 to be precise she added, in view of weakness in the prevailing measurement systems, the 17 countries that signed the convention had recognized that numerous challenges in dealing with every day activities. "They in fact concluded that many of these challenges, including challenges relating to trade, could be overcome through the adoption and promotion of an improved system of measurement. The group of countries therefore agree to commit themselves to the use of metric system of measurement which today referred to International system of unit (SI)," Madam Sowe emphasised.

She however told the august gathering that for the past 30 years, the Gambia has been promoting the use of (SI) in trade, noting that is vital to the economy and promote development and it is an essential component of life today - just as it was millennium ago.

The MTID, through the weight and measure Bureau, DPS Sowe said has the responsibility for legal Metrology and for enforcement of the provision of the existing legislation relating to this subject adding that Government is committed to improving the legislative framework far legal Meteorology with the view to providing better protection of consumers from faulty or fraudulent weights and measures.

Presenting a paper on meteorology in The Gambia, Mr. Abdoulie Phall, controller of Weights and Measures Division, revealed that meteorology is a field of science concerned with measurement, and adding that it also includes Meteorology, the theoretical and practical aspects of measurement.

Mr. Phaal said measurement is essential for nearly any aspect of human activity, noting that legal meteorology is the aspect of subject to regulating control.

Dilating on the importance of measurement, M. Phaal went on that it provides Industrial development, fair Trading and protection.