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Gambia cannot be divided, Barrow says

Jun 27, 2017, 9:42 AM

The Gambian leader, President Adama Barrow, has affirmed that since the Gambia’s most important resource is her human resources, the country “cannot therefore afford to be divided, not according to religion or tribe”.

“Unity is our strength and this must be embraced and cherished by all Gambians. My government is firmly committed to that unity which is the bedrock of our collective national security and identity,” President Barrow said in his first Eid address to the nation at the weekend.

According to statistics, The Gambia is more than 90 per cent Muslims and occasions like the Eid are an opportunity for the country’s past leaders to send messages to the population.

However, analysts believed the president’s address at the weekend was directed to entrench unity and peaceful co-existence in harmony in the country.

“Moral and ethical values prescribed by our great religion, Islam, must be brought to bear on our attitudes and efforts as we collectively seek to build the new Gambia based on rule of law, tolerance, and devotion to nation building,” the president said.

“With these values, we will be able to achieve the much needed change of attitude to restore the country to its former glory - a Gambia with a vibrant economy which works for everyone and leaves no one behind especially the youths and women.”

He noted that Eid is an opportunity to reaffirm values of gratitude, compassion, and generosity and to give thanks for the spiritual renewal and many blessings received throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

“As we celebrate the day, it is important to reflect on the teachings and significance of this auspicious day,” he said, adding that the day is not only about remembering Allah and offering gratitude to Him, but it is also a day be reminded of religious duty of sharing and caring for one another.

“It is evidently clear that Islam has set a very high standard for the spirit of brotherhood, unity, love and support for one another,” Barrow said while urging the religious leaders to continue praying for sustainable peace in The Gambia and for Muslims and humanity at large, who are suffering either from maltreatment, hardship or warfare.