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Gambega’s new technology

Feb 23, 2011, 12:19 PM

The opening of a waste-water treatment plant by Gambega is another good move made by the company that every Gambian is proud to be associated with.

The gesture would immensely contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

The multi-million dalasi waste-water treatment plant will immensely benefit the country’s water source conservation, and the facility will be of great importance to the people.

As a result, we salute the management of Gambega for its latest technology development and innovation in the country. The gesture will reduce the demand on fresh water by the company.

We acknowledge Gambega’s efforts over the years in improving the lives of Gambians with its quality products and community support projects.

The gesture is, no doubt, a fulfillment of their corporate social responsibility in contributing in all areas of national development.

We urge the country’s private sector, being the engine of economic growth and development in The Gambia, to take good advantage of the enabling business environment.

To always support government in areas, they find it difficult to intervene would greatly help them to become more vibrant in their work, and also would gain recognition from government.

The private sector should complement efforts in the areas where they feel they can contribute positively without encountering any problem.

Once more, we would like to congratulate Gambega for coming up with the new development.