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GAF’s involvement in farming

Jun 29, 2011, 1:25 PM

Other than their primary responsibility of defending the country’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, the men and women of the Gambia Armed Forces (GAF) are proven to be actively involved in boosting the country’s food self-sufficiency drive.

GAF supported by the Embassy of the Republic of China on Taiwan with a donation of farming materials over the years, have been very active in farming.

The ROC embassy last Friday donated 30 bags of Nerica rice seeds and 95 bags of fertilizer to the Gambia Armed Forces to boost their farming activities.

A similar donation was also made last year by the Taiwanese ambassador to The Gambia, Richard Shih.

The gesture, which is now becoming a tradition, was done to support the farming activities of the soldiers in the 2011 rainy season.

Taiwanese embassy officials led by their ambassador were at the Yundum Military Barracks once again for another handsome donation.

We hope that the army officers, especially those participating in this year’s farming season, will work harder to produce more yields.

Once more, we salute the Taiwanese Technical Mission, the Taiwanese Embassy in Banjul and the people of Taiwan for their resolve at complementing The Gambia’s food self-sufficiency efforts through the country’s upland rice project.

Agriculture is, no doubt, contributing a lot to the country’s GDP, and creates employment opportunities for many people.

Its benefits are many, and farming is the best way to ensure food security in this country.

The Gambia Armed Forces and the Taiwanese Embassy seems to be having a good relationship.

The embassy, other than supporting GAF’s farming activities, has also helped the Yundum Military Barracks renovation project, as well as donated patrol boats to the Gambia Navy.

Also, Gambian military officers are regularly offered scholarships to study in a military academy in Taiwan courtesy of the ROC mission in Banjul.

Once again, we salute the very fruitful Gambia-Taiwan relationship.