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FROGS Hit Million Dalasis in Their Support to Schools

Feb 2, 2009, 4:52 AM | Article By: Nfamara Jawneh

The Friends of Gambian Schools (FROGS), a registered UK charity in the country, has reached one million dalsis in their support to over 50 schools across The Gambia.

According to a media dispatch from FROGS, the chaity was set up in 1993 to supply teaching and learning materials to schools. By 2005, they have shipped 32 sea containers, helping up to 250 schools at a cost of more than hundred thousand pounds, all of which was raised in the UK.

However, when Sally and Malcolm Reader decided to set up home in The Gambia, it was no longer possible to collect and ship learning materials, so the funds raised in the UK were switched to carry out 'projects' in needy schools, and part of this new plan was to ensure that every region in the country benefit from the charity's support.

FROGS have just completed their first 50 projects costing over one million Dalasis. The projects as diverse as supplying gardening tools, laying new classroom floors, fencing schools, building school kitchens, equipping classrooms and setting up feeding programmes.

According to the release, several projects are already underway and more are being considered. "FROGS are always pleased to hear from schools that have an outstanding project that they might be able to help with. "Every project considered can't always be carried out, sometimes for the simple reason that it is too big but the majority get a sympathetic hearing," the release concludes.