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FOTGA Support Rugby At Grassroot

Nov 20, 2009, 12:59 PM | Article By: Sainabou Kujabi

Rugby has been one of the most popular games in the country in the 80s, but in recent years the game like other disciplines is overshadowed by its dormancy.

Although efforts to revitalise Rugby have taken place over the past three years, with people like Samuel Emeka, Bai Cham, John Gomez, among others, the game is yet to capture the participation of the younger generation who have a big role to play in the future of any sports.

Support in the form of moral and finance is key to the development of sports, this is the prime factor affecting the growth of other sports in the country.

The future of Gambian Rugby yesterday received a moral boost, thanks to the philanthropic gesture of Jeff and Kate Phillips of the Friends of the Gambia Association as part of its efforts towards the development of sports in the country.  A box full of Rugby jerseys for kids was presented to the Executive Secretary of the National Sports Council, Alieu Cham, at FOTGA's office in Kotu.  

Shortly after receiving the items on behalf of the Rugby Association, Alieu Cham said the Jerseys will help encourage the participation of young Rugby players.

Noting that the largesse would create a brighter future for Rugby in the country, he said the donation would also elevate one of the financial burdens and responsibilities of the association.

"The National Sports Council is very much grateful to Friends of  The Gambia Association in their efforts to develop grassroots sports, especially Rugby," he stated.

The donation was also extended to football as another box of football Jersey from Rev John Baxter was presented on behalf of the Friends of the Gambia.

A well-developed Rugby game at grassroots will help the country to participate in continental competition under the Confederation of Africa Rugby where about 27 African nations are said to be currently participating in their activities.

The Gambia Rugby Association is headed by Sam Lewis and Bai Cham is the Secretary-General.