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Foni Jarrol people pay courtesy call on President-elect Barrow

Dec 22, 2016, 10:00 AM | Article By: Kaddijatou Jawo

The people of Foni Jarrol yesterday met with President-elect Adama Barrow at the Kairaba Beach Hotel. 

In his remarks, Alhagie Masanneh Ceesay of Foni Sinteh congratulated President-elect Barrow on his landslide victory.

He added that Gambian people had already decided, and their voice must be heard and respected as the finally verdict.

He said the people of Foni Jarrol are behind President-elect Barrow, and would continue to pray for him and the country for peace, prosperity and a smooth transfer of power, come January 19.

Fatou Manjang and Sarjo Darboe both thanked President-elect Barrow, adding that they had been in politics for quite a while and, now that the Gambian people had decided, they are behind President-elect Adama Barrow.

Sarjo Darboe added that people should forget about the past and move forward for a better Gambia, because in the end they are all the same people and The Gambia belongs to all.

“It is our duty to make sure Gambia is a safe place to live,” he added.

He noted that the people of Foni Jarrol are behind President-elect Adama Barrow.

In his remarks, President-elect Adama Barrow thanked the people of Foni Jarrol for coming all the way to Kombo to congratulate him, for which he was very happy.

He said he did not believe he would even have a single vote in Foni, but instead it was the reverse because he got many votes in Foni, more than he expected.

This, he said, really shows that all the people, including those in Foni, wanted change and that was why they voted for him.

President-elect Barrow noted that The Gambia is one country of one family, and that they should all come together as one people to build a better Gambia.

He said that after being sworn in on 19 January 2017, he would continue to work hard to unite the nation and The Gambia as one family, and ensure there is peace and stability in the country.