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Focus on National Youth Conference and Festival (NAYCONF) 2008

Jun 19, 2008, 6:49 AM | Article By: By Nfamara Jawneh

The National Youth Conference and Festival known as NAYCONF is a biannual event that brings together over 500 young people from across the country.

However, this year, according to the organisers, the event will attract about two thousand young people and stakeholders from The Gambia and the sub region.

Reports reaching the Youth Forum state that preparations are on the higher gear at both at the local, regional and national levels to make the event a success and a memorable one.

This year the host region is North Bank Region, to be held in Farafenni later this year.

The theme for the year is "Invest in Youths for Sustainable Development."

The objectives of the event are to create a platform for young people have a greater understanding of the issues affecting them, accept each other and explore means through which they can contribute towards national development. The event will also look into key issues on the role of youths in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The main component of the event includes: The conference, cultural shows, performances and carnival, award ceremony, sporting activities and beauty contest.

Conference Outline

This will include a pre-recorded case study for youth role models on their successful stories as entrepreneurs.

The sub themes of the week-long national event are; reports on the progress made on the review of the National Youth Policy.

?  Experience in policy issues

?Identify the gaps and recommendations

?Possible suggestions to fill the gaps

?Gender perspective

Youth PRSP !! Strategies and the MDG's

?The role of youths in attaining the MDG's by 2015

?Structures that promote youth participation and advocates for the attainment of the MDG's by 2015

?Gender perspective

Employment creation and sustainable livelihoods

?Support youth empowerment and sustainable development

?Review employment market and recommend ways of creating employment

?Case study on successful youth entrepreneurs

Youth and HIV/AIDs

?Framework for young people in preventing them from contracting HIV/Aids

?Co-ordination mechanism for young people's intervention in the fight against HIV/AIDs

Youth Migration

?Why youth migrates (internal and external)

?Identify gaps and recommend measures to reduce migration

?Live case studies

Child rights, Promotion and Protection

?The concept of child rights and protection. Why is it important?

?National and international instruments

?Child protection issues in The Gambia

?Collaboration, action and the way forward

Girls Empowerment for Nation Building

?Female youth participation in nation building(challenges and achievements)

?Social benefit of female and male youth

?Case studies

To Be Continued