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Ferries are vital means of transportion

Jul 26, 2011, 1:01 PM

The commissioning of the two new ferries, namely Aljamdu and Kansala, by the Government of the Gambia is a good move.

This would greatly help the passengers crossing from Banjul to Barra on a daily basis to travel comfortably, without facing any difficulty.

The ferries contribute a lot towards the socio-economic development of the country.

Now the Gambia Ports Authority should make sure that the ferries are properly handled, and always have regular maintenance.

This is the only way we can maintain our ferries.

We hope that the problems surrounding the ferry services in the country will now be a thing of the past.

However, GPA should maintenance the ferries JOHE, Barra and Kanilai so that they will also be in good shape to run the other services.

It is high time people also took good care of the ferries, as users.

They should avoid dumping rubbish inside the ferries.

We have to be environmentally friendly, so as to safeguard our health.

This time around we are with the belief that the new management of the ferry services, which will be headed by the Greek firm holding, and will be assisted by Gambians, will ensure the effective running of the ferry services in the country.

The staff of the ferries should also avoid overloading the ferries.

Let them make sure the ferries take their normal capacity.

This will make our ferries to serve a longer period.

For a meaningful socio economic development to take place, transportation should always be placed high in the government’s development agenda.

GPA should make sure that proper facilities are provided for passengers, like toilets and other amenities.

This will make people feel comfortable when travelling from one destination to the other.

The authorities at the ferry service should also endeavour to build good ramps at the two ferry terminal sites.

It is hoped that the new management would also work on how best to improve the daily revenue base of the ferry services.