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Father Farrell Hall murder case: witness narrates how deceased met his fate

Apr 29, 2015, 9:51 AM | Article By: Halimatou Ceesay

Jonsaba Sanyang, the second prosecution witness (PW2) in the Father Farrell Hall murder case involving one John Fernando Sarr,yesterday testified before Justice Amadi of the Special Criminal Court in Banjul.

Testifying in tears, Jonsaba Sanyang told the court she was part of the organizers, and was also one of those selling the tickets costing D50.

She said one of the two doors at the hall was closed, and she was standing on the left side of the open door, adding that she and one Modou Kuyateh were selling the tickets while PW1 and two others were standing at the other door.

The accused came and was drunk, at the time, but he was in possession of an out ticket, she said, adding that when the accused came he said he wanted to enter the hall.

Since she was the one selling the tickets, and the accused did not buy any ticket from her, they looked at the ticket but the ticket was not marked.

She added that when the accused showed the ticket to them, they got to know it was not from them.

She told the others that the accused should not enter, because he did not buy the ticket from her, the witness continued, adding that the accused started using abusive words against them.

The accused then held the collar of PW1 and pulled him toward him (the accused); both of them went down the stairs, and the accused tore the shirt of PW1; then they started fighting, she told the court.

After separating them, she added, PW1 went back to the door while the accused continued to insult him. She told PW1 to ignore the accused before he would spoil the show for them.

She said the accused continued to insult, saying he was going to kill PW1.

The witness further told the court that PW1 pushed the accused, who ran away and entered the grounds of the Youth Monument (at Westfield), and came back running with a big stone.

She then told PW1 to be careful; that the accused was coming with a stone, adding that the accused threw the stone at PW1 and PW1 dodged the stone, which it landed on one Alasan Jammeh, who fell down.

Alasan Jammeh was a friend to the accused, and also the one killed by the accused.

When Alasan Jammeh fell, the accused ran away, and she told the boys to take a taxi and they took Jammeh to hospital.

The victim was taken to the SerreKunda Hospital in Kanifing and, on the next day, he was pronounced dead, she told the court, crying as she struggled to speak to the court.

Under cross-examination by defence counsel E.A. Gomez, the witness said she was telling the truth.

She said the same ticket sold to people entering the hall, was the same ticket that was marked when someone was leaving the hall, adding that there was no out-ticket.

She was the one that stopped the accused from entering the hall, because she was the one selling the tickets, she said stated, adding that the accused did tear the shirt of PW1 while they were struggling.

She also denied having a passionate dislike for the accused.

She is a Muslim and does not drink alcohol, but when the accused approached them his eyes were red and he was smelling of alcohol, she told the court.

She insisted that at the time the accused approached them, his eyes were red and was smelling of alcohol.

The case continues on 19 May 2015.