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Fair distribution of natural resources

Feb 1, 2013, 10:25 AM

It has been repeatedly said that many countries in Africa are today facing numerous challenges, largely due to unfair distribution of natural resources.

Resources, be it national or institutional, should be fairly distributed to whoever has a stake in it.

Each an every citizen or member of society should have his or her fair share of the cake. In this way, there would be fewer problems in society to care of.

It is very disheartening to see few people taking almost the entire share of the national cake, thus leaving many in desperation.

While we are not calling for equal distribution of national and organisational resources, it’s essential that such resources are evenly distributed among the populace.

People should not be deprived of their dues to the extent of despairing them of their needs and wants. They ought to have what they truly deserve, as often this is one of the main factors responsible for conflicts in this part of the world.

National resources, in particular, should be fairly distributed to all citizens in the form of development projects, irrespective of anything.

Our argument here is that those entrusted with the management of national or institutional resources must ensure that such resources are evenly shared among the populace, without fear or favour.

It is paramount to note that everyone will be accountable to their deeds hereafter.