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Everyone Must Play His Role

Nov 4, 2008, 6:09 AM

It is very good to read that board members of KMC, in collaboration with The Gambia Police, Immigration and drug squads, have launched a campaign to sensitise the public on community policing.

If we are to live in peace and harmony then everybody must play their role in protecting the community. The police force do a good job in tackling crime but a good deal of their time is spent dealing with trivial matters to the detriment of more complex or serious crimes.

Speaking at the launch of the sensitisation campaign, the chairman of the meeting, Mr. Pa Habibou Mbai, said every citizen and member of the community should be like a police officer to help reduce the crime rate. He stated that the community can tackle some of its problems without the intervention of the police. He said that people should never conceal criminals in their houses and should report them to the authorities.

These are very important points and in fact it is dissapointing that they have to be made so plainly. We should be in a situation in The Gambia where nobody would even consider concealing a criminal in their compound. It is the essence of being a good member of the community that people watch out for each others personal safety and property. We join with the police spokesperson, ASP Sulayman Secka, who urged the community to play their part because theirs is a vital role. In conclusion he said it was the mandate of every member of the community to report any criminal activity to the authorities. We ask all readers to follow this good advice and play a full and vibrant role in their communities. The benefit for all of us will be very great indeed.