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Essau SSS press club students visit The Point

Jan 7, 2015, 11:44 AM

The Point Newspaper recently received 18 students and teachers from Essau Senior Secondary School press club. The students are aspiring to be future journalists.

The courtesy call by the students, led by the club’s teacher coordinator, Musa Janko, was meant to expose the aspiring students in the journalism field and what the profession is all about.

The group comprised students in Grades 10, 11 and 12 who are studying various fields of commerce, science and arts.

Point Managing Director Pap Saine briefed the students on the history of The Point, its commitment and achievements at the national and international level over the decades. He also encouraged them in their aspirations to become journalists.

Mr Saine informed them on the need for basic knowledge in the execution of the profession, adding that a professional journalist needs to ensure the accuracy of his or her write up before publication.

He also informed them that it is not easy to establish a media house, considering the costs involved.

He commended the government for the establishment of a journalism school at the University of The Gambia.

The Point Editor-in-Chief Osman Kargbo and news editor, Modou Sanyang, both highlighted the challenges of the profession, and enlightened the students on the need for dedication and commitment in the execution of the job.

The visit, according to Musa Janko, was also meant for the students to get the necessary information regarding journalism, to equip them to become very good journalists in the future.

“As an individual, I have seen journalism as a significant area where one can serve his community through dissemination of relevant information to the world.

“I have seen journalism as the most effective area that I can make use of in order to better serve the society, as it deals with information,” he added.

For a society to be aware and to make informed choices, the people need to be informed, and when the information is lacking that society becomes deformed, he went on.

The Young Writers Association’s president, Cherno Jawara, said journalism is their ambition, which was why they decided to visit various media houses, as information is power to a society.

“We are here to meet with chiefs of media houses to know the requirements and gateway to the profession,” he said.