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ERNWACA Holds Validation on Research Finding

Jul 25, 2008, 9:17 AM | Article By: By Soury Camara

The Education Research for West and Central Africa recently ended a café to validate and disseminate the following studies. A study of the extent to which social

policy development in The Gambia is informed by research evidence on three sectors namely education, agriculture and health.

There was presentation of finding on a study of small research entitled: "A study of the orientation of the university education in The Gambia". This research was funded and commissioned by UNESCO.

In an extract captured from his opening remarks, the national co-ordinator, Mr Makaireh A Njie, indicated that the idea for this café is getting researchers, policy makers and the press to share information pertaining to research projects that the network undertakes periodically. Mr Njie added that findings on these two studies would last for the next two weeks.

However, the activities of the day's café included a review of all relevant policy documents in education, agriculture and health. Participants also reviewed other related and chosen sub sectors. That is, TVRT + basic education, food security and poverty alleviation and hospitals and primary health care.  Along the day's research findings, participants made some responses on an evidential basis for social policy development in The Gambia. The ERNWACA national co-ordinator elucidated that the objectives of the study, thus, were to determine the ways in which research contributes to social policy development in The Gambia.   

Mrs. Maimuna Sidibeh Jah emphasised the importance of research and policy issues in establishing the management of social transformations. Mrs. Sidibeh appreciated the research work undertaken ERNWACA which she said will provide reliable relevant knowledge for policy makers.