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Electricity, water tariff increase starts today

Jun 1, 2012, 1:23 PM

A 33% tariff increment on water, electricity and sewerage by the National Water and Electricity and Company (NAWEC) is expected to take effect today Friday 1st June 2012.

The move followed the approval by the Public Utilities Regulatory Authority (PURA), the national utilities regulator, of an application by NAWEC for an upward review of its tariffs.

While many consumers have described the move as unjustifiable, NAWEC on the other hand said its last tariffs increase of 31% was not sufficient to sustain their operational obligations due to rising cost of inputs such as fuel, lubricants, and spare parts.

Under the new tariff, electricity charges will increase (in dalasis) from 7.20 to 9.10 for domestic consumers, from 8.60 to 9.70 for commercial, from 8.95 to 10.40 for hotels, clubs or industries, from 8.00 to 9.10 for agriculture, from 8.70 to 9.70 for area councils and from 8.70 to 9.70 for central government.

Also under the new tariff, water will increase from 10.40 to 13.83 for domestic, from 16.90 to 22.48 for commercial, from 24.01 to 31.93 for hotels, clubs or industries, from 7.80 to 10.37 for agriculture, from 10.52 to 13.99 for area councils and from 10.62 to 14.12 for central government.