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Eight years on: Still no justice for Deyda Hydara!

Dec 17, 2012, 9:29 AM

It has been eight years since the murder of Deyda Hydara, former editor and co-publisher of The Point newspaper, and his killers remain unknown.

Deyda’s death, as said in many forums, is a great loss to The Gambia and Africa as a whole.

He was a man who impacted positively on the lives of many Gambians, as a champion of human rights and democracy.

He was very much proactive in fighting against the repressive media laws in The Gambia.

What we here at The Point and the Hydara family, as well as the entire media fraternity could not understand is why, in a tiny country like ours, it has taken eight years for the authorities not to bring a single person to court in connection with Deyda’s murder.

Indeed, over the same period, we have seen murder cases being diligently investigated by the police, and people were charged, convicted, sentenced to death, and now executed!

We ask - why can’t that happen in Deyda’s case?

It is the responsibility of The Gambia government to safeguard and protect the lives and properties of all persons living in this country, and that included Deyda Hydara.

Justice delayed is justice denied, and we feel that with a person of Deyda’s stature in this society, justice should have been seen to be done in his case, by now.

He has contributed significantly in the socio-economic advancement of this country, and has nurtured many young people who are today holding key positions in the country.

We, therefore, join the country’s media chiefs in calling on the Gambia government to re-open the investigation into the killing of a great Gambian patriot.

I don’t believe in killing whatever the reason!

John Lennon