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Effects of Irregular Migration on our societies

Feb 25, 2020, 1:54 PM

Hopes for travelling abroad to make greener pasture for better living  is growing on daily basis in the heart and mind of young people.

The African region has recently experienced massive flow of her energetic young people to Europe in the name of making wealth and virtually has caused so much negative effect on the society we live.

Young people are the force behind any positive societal development and if they take risk which has the potential to claim their lives then that’s threatening.

In each of our societies now, there is  at least one life lost in the attempt to reach the western world and these young people are mostly the bread winners of their families and the society rely on them for community lead initiatives and its related activities.

The grief these loss of lives caused to society is immeasurable  as clearly children are left to be orphans, women became widows and institutions lost their hardworking employees in the hands of cold death allowing the society to wallow in endless grief.

The children who lost their parents in this journey in some societies are left without support in their educational endeavours and eventually the children becomes interrupted and thereby shattering their dream to be fully educated.

We all know education is the best tool to develop any human and society so due to this unfortunate journey, it has become nearly impossible for these children to full fill this dream and fundamental human right o theirs.

Irregular migration has equally affected our farming sector especially in the provincial Gambia where farming is always at high gear among its occupants and clearly in every community you visit is fully occupied by the young people and they are the most active age groups in those communities and the active part of farming is done by them.  But now this is nearly impossible in our communities due to searching greener pasture in Europe and better living condition therefore  abandoning the farming sector to  the old age.

The farming as we all know is one of the significant backbones to the growth of the national economy and if the production rate declined due to the large absence of the youths in the farms our economy will be largely affected and farming for home consumption will equally be affected because the old people no longer have the strength to work on a large piece of land therefore the expectation of the harvest should not be big.

The irregular migration has created another social problem in the society which is the men who lost their life in the journey have their wives become widows and it’s a believed in the minds of the locals that no one should marry the woman who lost her husband in the hand of death and the stigma becomes too much and unbearable on the widows causing great frustration in their minds which has a tendency to compromise their performance in life.

Its responsibility to ensure that the issue of illegal and irregular migration is curb in order to address the earlier mentioned problems for the best interest of the Gambia, for the children whose parents die in the journey and this should be a responsibility of all to ensure that orphans are helped in their drive to be educated like any other children in the society.