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Education: building the soul of the society

Apr 4, 2016, 11:00 AM

The recent pronouncement by the leadership of this country that by 2018 the government will introduce free university education in The Gambia demonstrates a clear vision for national development, albeit the ways and means of accomplishing such a target.

“My Government will also continue to work strenuously towards making university education free in 2018, as well as fulfillment of our desire for free Universal education for all our children,” the President said

The importance of education cannot be overemphasised as it is the soul of a nation which determines its level and pace of development.

Seeing it in proper perspective, a truly intelligent and conscious individual must endeavour to acquire education, both within and outside of the classroom.

It should never be a luxury, but a necessity for human and national development, for a nation advances at the same pace as its education; hence it is a responsibility that society owes to itself.

If a nation wants to truly develop, it must endeavour to let its citizens acquire education, and this is what the President is working hard to achieve for The Gambia.

Hence no government can afford to allow anything to stand in its way to provide education for its citizens.Vices like corruption, sectionalism, ethnicity, policy discontinuity and the like should not be tolerated to reign supreme, as this will kill the dream of achieving education for all, and would also serve as neglect on the part of the powers that be.

The President has extended this extraordinary package not only to Gambians, but also to non-Gambians with permanent residence in The Gambia. This again is a show of true humanism and love for progress, oneness and development around the world.

All non-Gambians including children of foreign diplomats will also be allowed to benefit from the free university education, the President declared.

He also said renewed emphasis is being put on Technical and Vocational Education which cuts across the education sector from Basic and Secondary to the Tertiary and Higher Education, with entrepreneurship as a key element.

Education is the life of a nation, as it directly supports all sectors and industries and sustains onward growth and development.

So we must commend the President for such a declaration. If all goes well, free education in The Gambia shall be realised. Education is simply the soul of a society as it passes from one generation to another.

Education is the key to unlock the golden door of freedom.

George Washington Carver