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ECOWAS education experts meet in Banjul to assess progress made by sector

Dec 2, 2013, 9:49 AM

The fifth meeting of ECOWAS experts in charge of education and training is scheduled to take place in Banjul from the 2nd to the 6th of December 2013.

The meeting is in line with ECOWAS protocols in the areas of education, human resource development and social and cultural affairs.

The forum will bring experts from ECOWAS member states to assess progress made in the execution of recommendations of the fourth conference held in Abuja in 2012 on education and training in the region.

Experts will deliberate on efforts made by the commission, and the challenges that require the attention of stakeholders for meaningful impact in the education sector, and prepare reports for consideration by ministers.

The meeting is designed to expedite the timely realization of the Education for All, Millennium Development Goals and the Plan of Action for the Second Decade of Education for all in Africa by 2015.

The Banjul meeting will discuss the ECOWAS policy on e-learning and its related project documents, as well as scrutinize the existing capacity building strategy for the Education management information system-EMIS in the ECOWAS region, and the education of girls and other vulnerable groups.

The six-day forum will also look into strides made in technical vocational education and training, professional development of teachers and the promotion of higher education in the region.

It will also delve into successes registered in education for the culture of peace, human rights, citizenship, democracy and regional integration.

 The experts are expected to emerge from this meeting with renewed vigour to facilitate and implement programmes and activities that will promote access to quality education in ECOWAS member states.

The reports and recommendations of the Banjul meeting will be forwarded to the ministers in charge of education in ECOWAS member states, who will be meeting at a later date, for consideration and endorsement.