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ECONABK Launches Visa Electron Card

Apr 20, 2009, 7:04 AM

Last Friday 17th April 2009, marked another milestone in the history of ECOBANK Gambia Limited in the sense that the bank launched its Visa Electron Card called ECOBANK Visa electron Card at a ceremony held at its headquarters along Kairaba Avenue.

Being the first of its kind in the country's banking industry, the Visa cards can be used on all ECOBANK ATMs in the Gambia and outside at over 840, 000 visa accepting locations around the globe.

Without the slightest doubt, the advent of this product in all measures has been described as a major milestone in the operation of ECOBANK Gambia not only because it is the first bank to introduce the product but also due to the sense of relief and satisfaction the product will breathe into the vast array of customers.

Among the numerous benefits of the visa platform are that it works as a debit card, provides you access to funds in your account on all ECOBANK ATMs, provides you access to funds at over 186, 000 visa locations world wide and enables online payments for goods and services.

Speaking at a press conference to launch the product, Mr Fitzerald Odonkor, ECOBANK Managing Director said the new development is such that will enable visiting tourists with visa card to access funds in their overseas accounts through ECOBANK ATMs.

 He said it will also provide ECOBANK Gambia visa card holders access funds in their accounts wherever they are outside the Gambia.

"Most importantly, is the upcoming additional interface between the visa platform and ECOBANK Point of Sales Terminal (POS) that will allow holders of the ECOBANK Visa Electron card in addition to the ECOBANK Regional card, to pay for purchases at our POS locations such as Elton Filling, Kairaba Shopping Centre, Marouns Supermarket, BLV Enterprises, QuantumNet, LG Electronics and Ambers Nest Restaurants," he said.

The ECOBANK boss also re-emphasised his bank's drive and commitment to fully compliment all sectors of the economy.

"This, we believe can be achieved through continuous product development and innovations which is a core value in ECOBANK," he said.